COVID-19 Salon Procedures

We greatly appreciate your fantastic support since our reopening, and we promise to keep working hard to ensure your safety when you visit us. We are constantly reviewing the measures we have in place to ensure they are in line with Government advice, so if you are coming to see us soon then please ensure you are aware of our most up to date guidelines.

Following the guidelines below will ensure the safety of both you and our staff, so please read the following information carefully.

Firstly, before you come into the salon, we will:

• Thoroughly disinfect the station you will be seated at between clients, as well as clean the entire salon daily

• Be fully equipped with personal protective equipment, including aprons, face shields/safety goggles, masks and gloves, as well as screens at reception and between backwashes. PPE will be worn for the entirety of your service – as a result of the costs incurred, a £1 PPE charge will be added to your bill

• Wash and individually package towels and gowns used for your appointment to ensure they are not contaminated, rather than using single-use disposable plastics which are harmful to the environment

• Ensure that social distancing measures can be followed wherever possible by using alternate stations, as well as a walkway along the centre of the salon and limiting the number of clients and staff in the salon at any one time.

Additionally, we will require all clients to wear a face mask for the duration of their service – where this is not possible, we will provide a mask upon entry, at an additional cost of £1 to your bill. Other items of personal protective equipment, such as gloves, are not required, but encouraged if possible.

If you have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your visit, we ask that you reschedule your appointment in line with self-isolation guidelines.

When you arrive at the salon:

1. Please wait outside, maintaining social distancing, until a receptionist comes out to greet you. You should ideally come to your appointment alone – anyone you bring with you will have to wait outside the salon.

2. Once your stylist has disinfected their station, you will be seated via the walkway marked out along the centre of the salon. Belongings (bags, jackets etc.) can be placed in a sealed box next to your chair, and you should sanitize your hands using the gel at each station.

3. If you would like refreshment during your service, we ask that you bring your own bottle or flask.

4. If you are visiting us for a colour service, you may be asked to wait at the front of the salon whilst this processes, and X’s are marked on the seats where you can sit.

5. Shortly before your service is complete, a receptionist will come over and take your payment – this will be card or apple pay only, however cash tips directly to stylists are allowed. You will also be able to book future appointments, and purchase any product as you wish at this time.

We endeavour to ensure your safety during the time you are with us, while maintaining the high quality of service we always strive for. Thank you again for your support as well as your understanding during these uncertain times.